Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Rilo Kiley Ts

Rilo Kiley hired me to design some t-shirts for their new album/tour. The album is a bit different from their previous albums, hence the dance theme (thanks to my friend Maureen who danced up a little storm for reference and inspiration). However, the band decided not to use the designs. You can listen to a few songs on their website

I noticed that the cover of the new Cat Power record, Jukebox, goes nicely with these shirts. Too bad my designs were rejected by Rilo. Good taste, Cat Power.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

gnome trouble flyer

Flyer for the Gnome Trouble performance. Two versions: the off-white background was the original, but Kat thought the black looked better for postcards and posters. The original sketch is below.

Hip-hop bear and golden prince

This is my second costuming job, for Kat Galasso's dance theater piece "Gnome Trouble". It is based on the Brothers' Grimm fairy tale, Snow White and Rose Red. There are five costumes in total, though we had to rent the bear's body suit. I also made the flyer for the performance, which i'll post soon.