Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Young Turks

I did a drawing of Rod Stewart for every day of the month of May. It wasn't his recent marriage to yet another beautiful blondie that brought about this fixation, but a dusty copy of "tonight i'm yours" i found at Jack's record cellar. The infectious beat of 'young turks' was undeniable. He is cheesy, i know, but after hearing his songs hundreds of times, i still want to listen. I like the sincerity with which he delivers the cheese (and i like to draw that rooster haircut).

the more presentable ones:

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Brian Mead said...

You've given me a REASON TO BELIEVE in sketching again. I'm going to go forth and feel FOREVER YOUNG as I approach my drawing pad. If you ever come back to the Midwest, you can always STAY WITH ME.


Mister Brian